Friday, December 15, 2017

Runaway Duo

We are the Runaway Duo, a binational couple traveling the world. In July 2017 we quit our 7-5 office jobs to head on an epic adventure around the world. We decided to live life on our our own terms and go chasing our dreams. After selling almost all of our possessions we are now living a nomadic life working as freelance photographers and social media professionals. We welcome you to follow our daily traveler’s life and adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we show you how we see the world. We want to inspire you to never let go of your dreams and doing what you really love to do. Feel free to drop us a message at info(at)


Ueli Frischknecht

My name is Ueli Frischknecht. I am a freelance photographer and visual storyteller. I was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland. After finishing my education in economics and working for a couple of years in accountancy, I spent a lot of time traveling through different countries, mainly in Europe and South America. A camera was always with me to capture the most memorable moments of my travels. In the beginning of the year 2016, I decided to share my adventures with the world on Instagram. The time passed by and photography turned into my biggest passion. I invested almost all of my free time exploring the outdoors, looking for that perfect light and mood. I learnt how to adjust the settings of my camera, to take better pictures and started post-processing them in a way I like. In July 2017, I quit my job in the office with the objective to follow my heart to travel the world as a full time photographer. Have a look at my portfolio on my website or say hello at ueli(at)


Rocio Arones

My name is Rocio Arones. I am a self taught travel and lifestyle photographer. I was born and raised in the capital of Peru. My passion for traveling started from a very young age and some of my best travel memories come from long – and sometimes spontaneous – trips across my home country. I remember epic journeys between dusty deserts and huge mountain ranges as well as visiting incredible ancient Inca temples. Later on, as my interest in history and arts increased, I felt the need to explore other countries and cultures. But since then, together with a camera. In 2008, after graduating from university with my bachelor in laws, I moved to Switzerland. Being exposed to a totally different reality only made my wanderlust grow bigger. In 2016, I started my Instagram account @runawayrocio. That’s where I share the beauty of the world we live in, without any creative boundaries. As a part of the Runaway Duo, I want to share with you the love for life, photography and travel. Say hello at rocio(at)